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Classification System for Firecracker Labels

Class 1- Made in China or Hong Kong (pre 1950)

Class 2- Made in Macau or Portuguese Macau (1950-1954)

Class 3- Made in Macau with "ICC" (1955-1968)

Class 4- Made in Macau with "ICC" and Cautions (1969-1972)

Class 5- Made in Macau or China with "DOT" and Cautions (1973-1976)

Class 6- Made in China with "DOT", 50mg. and Cautions (1977-1994)
*NOTE- Many labels from this time period are "Class 5" because the 50mg. powder content limitation was not printed on the label.

Class 7- Made in China with "UN 0336 1.4G" and Warnings (1995-Present)

*Note: There are also "Foreign Market" labels. These are labels that were not intended for sale in the United States so they don't follow the usual classification system.

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